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Who is doing your website backup?

website-backup Who is doing your websit backup?

Imagine this scenario. You are super busy with life, and it has completely slipped your mind to update all of your bills with your new credit card expiration date, so your card expires. You don’t even realize that your website’s hosting was one of the accounts that didn’t get updated, and next thing you know, your website is offline. You go back to correct your error, only to find out your website is gone, poof, vanished! What would you do? compute. Normally, people would contact their web designer and see if there was anything that could be done to get the old site back online, but web designers are not responsible for keeping a current backup of your website. Your hosting company might have a backup of the website, but they typically only have them for a short time period and there are often recovery fees. Did you know that keeping that backup is your job? While a website host will often keep a backup of your website, it is not their responsibility; meaning, you should not expect them to have one on file when your website goes down.

What You Can Do to Help Keep Your Website Online The best thing that you can do to make sure that your website stays online is to have a regular backup made of your website. Ideally, you want to make sure this process is automated, because the one time you forget to manually make one, you are going to end up needing it the most. In the event that you face any of the following, a recent backup could be used to get your site back up and running:

  • Updating a theme or plugin for your website and it crashes or deletes information accidentally
  • You or your staff member is trying to add information to the backend of your website and some type of an error occurs
  • Someone hacks into your website and takes it offline or destroys it
  • Because your credit card expired, your hosting company deleted your account, and all of the files that went with it related to your website
  • Something happens on the hosts end where the server your website is on, crashes, leaving you without a website

Find out what type of backup you have, because ultimately, the responsibility of keeping your website up and running falls on you. If you want my help to keep regular backups of your website, I can gladly do so. I offer a wide variety of packages where you can get backups as little as one time per month, or as often as daily. Give me a call today, and let me show you how I can help keep your website running for all your customers to see!

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