Free Snapshot Report

Uncover your Business marketing performance

Get a free report card of your business marketing performance in business listings, website, Ecommerce, SEO, digital advertising, social media and reviews.

Business Listings

The Snapshot Report aggregates data from over 70 directories to show:

  • Number of listings
  • Accuracy of listings
  • Missing sites

You need accurate listings on a lot of business directories to ensure people can find you online. Get put on the map with an abundance of accurate listings

Web Site

The Snapshot Report leverages Google PageSpeed Insights to assess your website for:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Content
  • Load speed


Snapshot Report identifies your organic keyword performance stacked up against your competitors.

  • Local Search Results
  • Top competitors
  • Number of keywords
  • Monthly value of clicks

As a local business owner, you need to have popular keywords to ensure potential customers find you before your competition.


The Snapshot Report aggregates data from over 30 customer review sites to highlight:

  • Number of reviews
  • Recency of reviews
  • Average score

Local businesses must continually collect fresh reviews and strive for a 4-5 star review rating to establish trust and credibility

Social Media

The Snapshot Report pits a prospect’s social presence against that of similar businesses in regards to:

  • Number of posts
  • Size of audience
  • Local businesses must keep their followers engaged to grow their audience and build brand loyalty.

Grow their engagement, grow their audienc

Digital Advertising

The Snapshot Report recommends keywords that will generate the most impressions and clicks for your business. The report also identifies how you stack up against your competition

  • Keyword overlap
  • Number of paid keywords
  • Monthly paid clicks
  • Monthly ad budget

You need to know the right keywords to ensure that your target audience knows about your business. Uncover golden opportunities with search, social, and display advertising.

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